Wednesday July 26 - - - Have a nice day and (maybe) holiday time!

Thanks to you from all over the world !

Today In the Cotswolds 

after a day in Oxford

Yesterday in Canterbury

Thanks to visitors from all over the world... (or just lost on my page)

(as showed by google statistics :no id, no adress, perfect anonymous...) 

here is a little list (not by order):
Estonia (been there 2 or 3 times: beautiful in Tallinn; next xill be the countrydide)
Russia (loooove Russia! I was there twice last year, in winter and spring from Moscow to St Petersburg, ans Suzdal, wladimir, etc.),
Serbia (been there: from Belgrade to the countryside; very interesting and nice country)
India (from 94 to today maybe 10 times from Delhi to Rajasthan, Kochi, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, etc.);
Argentina (not been yet: on my list!)
Brazil (so big and nice country, yes! from Brasilia to the Pantanal,, etc. ), Thailand (from north to south, what a beautiful country!);
Bermuda: whaw, mind the triangle ! ;-)
Vietnam (beautiful culture and landscapes from north to south),
France (oh la la, of course: next door to me!),
Hungary (remember the Puzta plain in summer and winter, Budapest...) 
Pakistan (not been there yet: on my list !), Sweden (so sweet Sweden!),
Netherlands (Ik hou van Nederland en de eilanden van het Veersemeer! en 'tuurlijk A'dam, enz.!),
Ukraine (lots of visitors from there, thanks to Ukrainian people! Not been there yet: on my list!!),
United Kingdom (of course my dear! twice or more per year),
United states (yeaaah, go west young man! ...was in Alabama and Georgia lasts months),
Belgium (ben oui, forcément, c'est chez moi!),
Germany (I was there last days in Berlin and northern country);
South Korea (not been there yet: on my list!),
Japan (what a fabulous country, corssed 10 times since 1989! I want to go there quick again!),
Czech Republic (Oh yes, so nice country, with nice people, Prague, the cities, the countryside...) 
Romania (sweet country and so authentic with nice traditions all over the country)!
Australia ? (yes, so far, so good and so beautiful, big and intersting!... )  
Poland  (very beautiful country from Warsaw to Krakow, I was in Szczecin last week !)
Hungary: from Budapest to the Puszta I discovered this country in the 90', and go ecvery 2 years... love it! 

Thanks you all for visiting my modest blog!

Where am I now ?

# today in England: Dover, Ramsgate and tonight in Margate 

Nyhavn, Copenhague

# after Rüger island, Germany and after Szeczin, Poland


What am I doing ? 

# editing some files and pictures of Copenhagen, etc. (for microstocks) and writing little articles)

The picture of the day

Taken last year in Cape Saint Vincent, Sagres, Portugal... 

Enjoy the bridges of Paris by night...

The bridges of Paris by night... at "blue hour" ;-)
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