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By the way, enjoy the photo.(s). of the day(s) 

(related to last articles, sales, projekts, exhibs…)

Moscow in winter (article)

Carnival of Venice (article)

conference about Tamil Nadu and Kerala, India…

article over Beautiful Andalucia, Spain (online) photos

and let's have a look on last articles about :

Puszta plain in winter, Hungary... (online article)


Souvenir of Puszta plain, Hungary in Winter (some years ago…)

Everywhere in the world, music is fantastic, original and so important… 

Therefore, enjoy some videos taken here and there 

1. first : short videos of Uzbek music in Samarkand…

...and beautiful flamenco dancer and music...

before Spain, I was in Corfou... enjoy this short video souvenir of Greece:

4. Enjoy sound souvenirs and travel memories of Russia…

and in Catherine Palace gardens, Pouchkine, Saint-Petersburg Russia 

5. Native American song in Tadoussac, Québec, Canada

Next trip(s) ;-) where... where ?

... next trips : 

next: French Alps, 

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One of my favorited posters…

Enjoy this photo (a personal composition) showing a mix of different skylines where you can guess from left to right : Shanghai, Hong Kong,  Doha and New York city with the Twin towers...)

You love it? You get it ;-) 

(big deluxe poster 180x60 cm or 70x23 inches on plexiglas and aluminium for 500$ (beautiful in your living room!)

looks like this !

Interested in my photos ?

The excellent blogger system makes it easy for everybody to use photographs without permission. However, please know this page is not a free image database! 
So, make this a special notice concerning all my work:

All my pics are all under full copyright (even they are not signed). If you are interested in using or buying my photographs, please drop me a mail at
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Thank you and enjoy my photography ! 

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