Thursday, October 18 - - - Have a nice day & a Happy autumn !

Where am I now ?

Back from Andalucia, Spain...

Enjoy short video souvenir of Greece:

back from Corfou, Greece…     

What am I doing ?

# finished presstrip

# preparing new articles over Corfou 

# loading memory cards…

Next trip(s) ;-) where... where ?

... next trips : 

--> Andalusia, Spain 

--> Uzbekistan…

--> and ? ... 


- - - - - 

The picture(s) of the day…

Enjoy this photo (a personal composition) showing a mix of different skylines where you can guess from left to right : Shanghai, Hong Kong,  Doha and New York city with the Twin towers...)

You love it? You get it ;-) 

(big deluxe poster 180x60 cm or 70x23 inches on plexiglas and aluminium for 500$ (beautiful in your living room!)

looks like this !

Interested in my photos ?

The excellent blogger system makes it easy for everybody to use photographs without permission. However, please know this page is not a free image database! 
So, make this a special notice concerning all my work:

All my pics are all under full copyright (even they are not signed). If you are interested in using or buying my photographs, please drop me a mail at
e.valenne  at

Thank you and enjoy my photography ! 

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